Supportive Friend

Our 4 Key Beliefs

Branches is based on the following four key beliefs:
- A belief that all members are equal, regardless of diagnosis, symptoms, age, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, occupation etc., and are not defined by any diagnosis
- A belief that by providing a safe and confidential environment where members can access support, they can live more independent lives and effect more successful recoveries
- A belief that members should set their own goals, identify their own needs and be encouraged to pursue their interests, talents, ambitions and mainstream opportunities
- A belief that members can ALL achieve some degree of recovery and have the right to decide what the word 'recovery' means to them
Branches is YOUR service. If you have any comment or input on how the service is operating, or wish to become involved in the development of local mental health services in any way, please speak to a facilitator or contact the Branches Coordinator, Administrator, Members Committee or Management Group